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As I mentioned four days ago, I was looking forward to seeing Fat White Family again at Danmarks Grimmeste Festival in Aarhus.

But due to transportation problems they had to cancel. 
The festival though managed to find a quick replacement. And in terms of stage presence it would have been difficult to find any better within the rock genre in Denmark. The Blue Van stepped in and explored every inch of the main stage at Grimfest.

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Fat White Family was my rock discovery at this year’s Field Day London.

The at times obscure sound on their debut record (with a very strange name…) was turned into a bluesy, sweaty, raw live experience on stage.

To my surprise the band also got booked for this year’s edition of Danmarks Grimmeste Festival in Aarhus which usually almost exclusively presents danish bands. So tomorrow is my next chance to join the family.

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Balthazar just made it in time. They had to eat sandwiches right on stage just before starting their set at this year’s Hurricane Festival. The Belgian band had been pulled over by the police several times on the the way to their show (now I wonder how their tour van looks like…). But luckily I managed to see them life this time as about three years ago, they were supposed to warm up for their fellow countrymen dEUS in Copenhagen - but unfortunately they had to cancel.

They seemed experienced enough to handle these kind of pressured situations and provided an excellent start for my second festival day.

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New album, new single - and a lovely video along with it

HONIG has lots of new things to offer, including a tour in early autumn, so you have a chance to listen to his  metal-trained voice live in concert…

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Like the nineties when they were good - Speedy Ortiz.

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Right thoughts, right words, right action.

Jumping in the dust cloud with Franz Ferdinand.

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I first discovered Arthur Beatrice when checking out the line-up for Field Day 2014 in London. And discovered that “he” actually is a band. A good band. Pop with soulfoul vocals and just the right amount of dissonance and edgy breaks.

Luckily, that first impression was reinforced by their live performance, as the opener of the main stage. Especially Ella Girardot’s and Orlando Leopard’s vocals were clear and strong.
I am hoping to see them live again - next time at night with dancing crowd. My new favorite pop band.


"Walking down the street in Tel Aviv just now, we heard a siren. We were next to a randon apartment building so we went in. The neighbors were running down the stairs with their dogs, leading us down to a small cellar where people keep their old bicycles. We stood there for about 10 minutes. Every few moments we could hear a distant BOOM. I thought to myself - these wars are strange, these for-show missle attacks on civilians, our ego-driven responses. Someone must be gaining something somewhere, and i know its not the people. It makes no sense why on such a lovely summer day, we would all be standing sweating in an old cellar with our pets. This is just another war, fought by idiologists and leaders of men, on the expenss of civilians. People are just people. They just want to hang out, be with their kids or friends. Someone is gaining something from this. Someone is profiting off everyday peoples thirst for revenge, people’s desperation, fatigue, on both sides. And the losers are us, hiding from missles instead of basking in the sun, pawns in a game designed by greedy people to be so big that us everyday folk will never be able to grasp it.”

ועדת חריגים Vaadat Charigim


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It might be the height of their career. Arcade Fire are filling the biggest stages and headline major festivals. So it was good to see them again right now, on their Reflektor tour.